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Though bosatsu used to be the term for the prior Buddha to his enlightenment, in Mahayana Buddhism bosatsu is the term for any being destined for attaining enlightenment because any can become bosatsu through Buddhism practice and training, also for the beings destined for enlightenment who postpone their own attainment to continue to save ordinary people with their benevolence, or highly virtuous priests or transformations of Dainichi Nyorai.

Shou Kannon Bosatsu
Kudara Kannon Bosatsu
Senju Kannon Bosatsu
11 Faces Kannon Bosatsu [Juuichimen Kannon Bosatsu]
Juuichimen Kannon Bosatsu [The 11 Faces Kannon Bosatsu]
Kannon Bosatsu & Seishi Bosatsu
Monju Bosatsu
Sougyou Monju
Fugen Bosatsu
Fugen Enmei Bosatsu
Monju Bosatsu & Fugen Bosatsu
Jizou Bosatsu
Mizuko Jizou
Shouzen Douji & Shouaku Douji
Shougun Jizou
Tainai Jizou
Kosodate Jizou
Kokuuzou Bosatsu
Seishi Bosatsu
Nikkou Bosatsu & Gakkou Bosatsu
Fukuukensaku Kannon
Nyoiri Kannon Bosatsu
Juntei Kannon Bosatsu
Miroku Bosatsu
Batou Kannon Bosatsu [Batou Myoo]
Ichiyou Kannon
Ryuutou Kannon
Byakue Kannon
Hannya Bosatsu
Youi Kannon
Jise Bosatsu
Metsuakushu Bosatsu [Haakushu Bosatsu]
Haakushu Bosatsu [Metsuakushu Bosatsu]
Jugaishou Bosatsu
Taishou Kongou
Daizuiku Bosatsu
Myoujou Kannon
Myouken Bosatsu
Kongouka Bosatsu
Unchuukuyou Bosatsu
Onjou Bosatsu
Kongou-haramitsu Bosatsu [Muryorikiku]
Kongou-yakusha Bosatsu [Kongouku]
Kongou-hou Bosatsu [Raidenku]
Kongou-shu Bosatsu
Kongou-ri Bosatsu [Ryuooku]
The 4 Bosatsu [Shi-Bosatsu]
Shi-Bosatsu [The 4 Bosatsu]
Hoshitsuki Kannon
Suigetsu Kannon
Kyuuren Kannon
The 53 Descriptions of Kannon [Kannon Gojuusan-men Zu]
Kannon Gojuusan-men Zu [The 53 Descriptions of Kannon]