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Myoujou Kannon

In ancient India, Myoujou(the morning star, Venus) has a meaning of the scarlet of dawn; he was said to be the god who shines the world till the sun god is born. The twins, Arna (the Venus) and Garuda (Phoenix), were born between the grand children of Bonten, Kashyapi and Vainateya, it was said that Aruna was fated to become a slave of the snakes and went up to the heaven. Later she was adopted into Buddhism and became Myoujou Bosatsu who vanquishes evil illusions. He was an attendant to Taishaku Ten in Hoke Kyo(Lotus Sutra); appears in Fukou Tenshi as well as Houkou Tenshi(treasure light) of the sun and Meigetsu Tenshi(the bright moon)of the moon. He was adopted into Shintoism in Japan, he also can be considered the divine of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu.