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Juuichimen Kannon Bosatsu [The 11 Faces Kannon Bosatsu]

The ten faces out of the eleven faces express ten vows of bosatsu. The top face expresses the eleventh Buddha attainment(enlightenment), therefore the main vow of his is to convert eleven kinds of evil illusions of all the ordinary people into eleven kinds of Buddha attainment(enlightenment) letting them achieve perfectly. Some explains that the three calm faces above his head express the virtue of the big sky, the highest one attends to wishes of all the ordinary people's with "stability","benevolence" and "wisdom" by expressing the virtue of eternal benevolence and wisdom. He has a face of calm, authority, and wisdom above his head and a face of angry laughing expressing ten vows. Many has a face of nyorai. He has two arms or four arms because he has a manifestation of Buddha above his head, however, there are various forms.