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Kongo-ri Bosatsu [Ryuooku]

He is one of the Five Great Bosatsu. No specific doctrine exists to explain their origin, however it is said that they are derived from the priest Kukai’s esoteric preachings. In Esoteric Buddhism, the notion of Buddha himself is referred to as Jishourinjin. As this Buddha transformed to bosatsu and preached Buddhism in an easy to understand way it is called Shouhourinjin (Preaching transformation of Buddha). It is called Kyouryourinjin(Discipline transformation of Buddha) as it punishes those who disobey Buddha and tries to save them by expressing extreme wrath. Therefore, There are three kinds of transformation of Buddha, one is Jishourinjin(Buddha itself) of the Five Wisdom of Buddha represented by Dainichi Nyorai, the one is Shouhourinjin (Preaching transformation of Buddha) of the Five Great Bosatsu represented by Kongou-haramitsu Bosatsu, the other is Kyouryourinjin(Discipline transformation of Buddha) of the Five Great Myoo represented by Fudou Myoo.