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Shou Kannon Bosatsu

He presides over the virtue of Nyorai's Taihi(the virtue of saving ordinary people). He was named Kanjizai(can see everything) because he can get rid of pain or suffering and give happiness freely in appearance of Nyorai's trial period. He is also named Kanzeon because he contemplates voice immediately and enables everything to attain enlightenment. That is, this Bosatsu is the main image of Buddha for representing Nyorai's Taihi. He is named Muryojuhotoke for his immeasurable virtue. He is believed and worshipped as well as Roku Kannon(Senju Kannon, Juuichimen Kannon, Nyoiri Kannon, Juntei Kannon, (Batou Kannon) and Sanjuusan Kannon for his original vow of saving help ordinary people. Or he becomes an attendant to Amida Nyorai with Seishi Bosatsu.