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Butsunehan zu [The picture of Buddha's Nirvina]

The figure of Buddha preaching Nirvana Sutra when he entered Nirvana among sal trees on the 5th February. Nirvana in a narrow sense is the meaning of entering Nirvana, that is, death, some explain that it means to vanquish carnal, however, it is widely believed to be the absolute reality.
About 400 AD, Nirvana sect prospered in Kenkou(present Nanjing), Chi-li in Tang dynasty in China treated it as a part of Hoke Kyo (Lotus Sutra). It was disappeared in Tao dynasty by the pressure of various Buddhism sects. The figure of Nirvana is sleeping on his right side with his head toward to north on the jewel stage surrounded by four sal trees; 52 kinds such as Buddha, his pupils, the King, Ministers, Ten, Demon, animal and Lady Maya, mother of Buddha are there.