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Kosodate Jizou

This Bosatsu is a deity who enlightens people in the six worlds (hell, the realm of hungry spirits, the realm of beasts, the realm of anger, jealousy, and constant war, the realm of human beings and heaven). Those who try to attain enlightenment will gain wealth in the present world and paradise in the second life. Jizo is believed to have its origins in Tang dynasty China, it came to Japan during the Heian period. Many Jisos take the form of priests with a sacred gem in their left hand and a bishop’s staff (khakkhara) in their right. Ordinary people began to worship them from the Kamakura era, they are familiar in such roles as Koyasu Jizou (easy childbirth), Kosodate Jizou (easy child rearing), Mizuko Jizou(protecting unborn children) and Roku Jizou(six realms).

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