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Nyoirin Kannon Bosatsu

Living in the perfect meditation of wish-granting jewels; carrying a wish-granting jewel satisfies all of the wish of ordinary people's such as long life, peaceful birth, and eliminating disasters. Holding thinking in the first hand in right side, a wish granting jewel in the second hand, he satisfies the wish of ordinary people's. Holding Buddhism invocation in the third hand he cuts through the suffering of the believers. The first hand in the left shines the light of grace emanating from Buddha(a bodhisattva) expressing immovable. The second hand holds a lotus flower purifying lawlessness. The third hand holds a round circle preaching laws. The style with six arms goes to the Six Paths freely and cuts off various kinds of suffering with Buddha's mind for saving ordinary people. He has one face and two arms. He also has one face and two arms in the style before Esoteric Buddhism.