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Batou Kannon Bosatsu [Batou Myoo]

He is called Batou Myoo as Kyouryou rinjin( discipline transformation of Buddha) belonging to both Kannon group and Myoo group. He is the angry transformation of Muryouju Buddha( immeasurable happiness). The reason why the Bosatsu is called “BATOU” is that he has a horse face, which means KANSHOKU, TAIHISENNEN, and JINSOKU. KANSHOKU means to swallow up carnal of ordinary people at a breath. TAIHISENNEN means to act intently like a horse grazing on meadow . JINSOKU means to conquer various evils and shine over the darkness of the empty world appearing in anger with benevolence. There are two kinds of styles; one has a horse body, the other has a horse head on the top. There are many different forms of having three faces and eight arms, or four faces and eight arms so on.