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Kannon Bosatsu & Seishi Bosatsu

Kannon Bosatsu on Amida Buddha's left and Seishi Bosatsu on his right. Buddhists believe that after death Buddha comes to greet people Amida Nyorai sanson is a style of displaying statues of Buddha; with Kannon Bosatsu with Kannon and Seishi in this configuration. Kannon holds the lotus stage that the person is sitting on and Seishi stands with his palms together in the Gasshou stance. The oldest image of Amida Nyorai sanson in Japan is a funagata ikkohai or boat shaped idol with a halo of sun radiating from behind it. It can be found at Zenkoji- temple in Nagano and is believed to have been brought to Japan during the Asuka period. Additionally, the Sanson depiction of Buddha accompanied by Kannon and Seishi at Ohara Sanzennin-temple in Kyoto is a rare Japanese version as they are in a kneeling position.