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Sukunahiko no Mikoto [Sukunahikona no Mikoto]

There is the god island(Awajima) near Tomogashima island in the Kitan Channel. Sukunahiko no Mikoto and Oomunaji no Mikoto were worshipped there, as both of who created Japan.
There is a legend; after having been worshipped in the small island, these two gods saved the Empress Jinguu whose ship encountered a sea storm and was almost sinking in the sea on the way from Sankan(present southern Korea)
Originally Sukunahiko no Mikoto taught growing rice, making sake(Japanese wine), sewing, medical technique, medicine manufacturing, and also he founded hot springs, so he was worshipped as the god for recovering from illness, medicine, and traffic safety, now he is famous for the god for women. Also as for Hina-matsuri, some say people worshipped Sukkunahiko no Mikoto and the Empress Jingu as a pair, others say the name of Hina-matsuri came from "Sukunahikona" matusri.