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Shoumen Kongou

He wards off all kinds of evil spirits. He has the great power to protect people from tuberculosis. It is said that Chisei Taishi(Enchin) adopted him. In Taoisim, people pray for extermination *sanshi and worship him as the principal image of Koshin belief. This divine has one face with three eyes and six arms. He generally appears in anger. Many people worship him attended by three saru (monkeys) meaning “no see, no hear, no tell “( saru in Japanese means no) and two cocks .

In Taoism, it was believed that there are three kinds of bugs(Jogo, chugo, geko) inside the body. They are always watching his or her behavior and get out of the body on the night of Koshin(the day of monkey) to tell his or her sin to the god. This is why people held parties and kept drinking, eating without sleeping and permitted to speak ill of others all the night of Koshin , trying to prevent sanshi from getting out of the body.