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Founders & High Priests

Shoutoku Taishi

Shoutoku Taishi was born as the first prince of the Emperor Yomei one thousand four hundred years ago. He was called Umayado no Ooji. He chanted "Nam butsu" facing the east on the fifteenth of Feburuary (the day of Buddha's death) at the age of two. He was so wise that he learned and mastered writing at the age of five. He was named as her regent and assisted the Empress Suiko at the age of twenty one. He established Buddhism charitable works such as building hospitals or home for orphans or old people. mastered Hoke Kyo (Lotus Sutra), Yuima Kyo. He built Horyuji-temple, Koryuuji-temple and forty six temples around Japan. He established the twelve official ranks and the seventeen constitution. He made great efforts to spread Buddhism. He entered Nirvana in 622.