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Tibetan Mongolian

Nichiren Shounin

He was born in Abou Kunisaki Jougo(present Kominato). The child name was Zennichimaro. He climbed to Senkouzan Seichouji-temple at the age of twelve, where he entered the training hall and mastered the esoteric study and finally he took the tonsure and changed his name to Rencho.
Since then he pursued the theory of sutras having questions on Muryo Gikyo(Immeasurable Sutra) and went to Kamakura for study. Met Sonkai of Mt. Hiei and climbed to Hiei following him where he mastered the study of Enton (discipline of Lotus Sutra). He was bestowed Joukouin-temple in Yokogawa.
Since then he went to Enjoji temple in Mituisi, Senyuuji temple in Rakutou, Todaiji temple in Nanto where he mastered the secret doctrines of both Buddhism sects. Finally he went back to his home town; climbed Mt. Seichou and worshipped the morning sun and chanted the mantra loudly; he founded a school of Nichiren for the first time there. He built a hermitage and wrote "Risshou Ankokuron" and devoted it to Bakufu(government). But he was accused of confusing general public and sent to Ito in Izu.
He was released later, however, he insulted other Buddhist schools and Bakufu(government). He was sent to Sado again. After released he lived in Mt. Minobe in Kai(present Yamanashi): gave lectures to try to expand Hoke(Lotus); made a big efforts in writing to enhance the doctrines. He died at the age of sixty one; buried in Mt. Minobe.