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Shaka Nyorai

The founder of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha, He is called Shakason, because he was from the Shakas. His father is Suddhodana, king of the Shakas, the king of his country, mother is Maya, a lady of the next country. There are some opinions about the year he was born, the opinion that it was 463 BC is adopted widely in Japan. He was born from the right armpit of Lady Maya in the Lumbini park while she was taking a rest on the way to go to her home to give a birth on the 8th of April. He took seven steps in each of the four directions and proclaimed: "I am the Holy One of heaven and earth, and I shall be the savior to eliminate sufferings of the world." . Lady Maya died on seven days after her son's birth, her sister Mahaprajapati( Later she became the first Buddhist nun) brought him up. Grown up as a prince, Shakason got married to Yasodhara,his cousin, and got three children. ( Rahula,the oldest son, became one of the great ten disciples of Shakason) At the age of twenty nine, being anxious about the world, Shakason gave up the crown and became a priest. He devoted himself entirely to spiritual pursuits and severe hard ascetic discipline. After six years of training, on the 8th of December, he was appeased by the milk gruel that Sujata, a daughter of the land master. He attained Nirvana (enlightenment) under the pipal tree which is now known as Bodhitree. After attaining enlightenment, he enlightened five disciples during the years of his hard ascetic disciplines, it was called Shouten Hourin (the first enlightenment). Since then he had traveled many places to preach in India for forty five years. In the last year( on the 15th of February 383BC), after he was given the service by Cundo, a smith, he gave the last preach between the sal trees in Kushinagar and entered Nirvana( passed away) The body of Shakason was cremated and enshrined in the mausoleum of the Malla. Some pieces of his born were given to the mission of the King. A pagoda was built on each piece of his born. Shakason's way of preaching was codified by Ananda or Upali (the greatest ten disciples of Shakason)