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Taizanfukun[The God of Mt. Tai]

Jade Empror (Mt.Tai) is a mountain of historical and cultural siginificance located north of the city of Tai'an in Shandong Province, China. It is 1545 meter high. Jade Empror(Mt. tai) is the god of Taoism. Jade Empror(Mt Tai) has been one of the five sacred mountains since Han dynasty, and it is called "the foremost of the five mountains". The mountain has been the sacred place where 72 Chinese emperors would climb and pray there. The reason was that the mountain was a grandchild of Yu Hang Shand, and it was also the sacred place where the sprits of the dead people gathered and also it was respected as the god ruling over life and death. There has been some views based on the Taoism since the ancient time, Jade Emperor(Mt.Tai) has been worshipped as the principal god of Mt.Tai.