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Shichimen ten-nyo

She is a celestial nymph. When Nichiren Shounin chanted Hoke Kyo( Lotus Sutra) in Mt. Minobe, a noble woman around twenty years old appeared listening to his chanting. When Nichiren asked who she was, she answered "I am living in the pond in Mt.Shichimen. I would like to listen to your chant and get free from various problems," then Shounin gave her great mandala. The woman also explained that she was Benzai Ten and made a vow that she would protect the trainees studying Hoke Kyo( Lotus Sutra). Shounin took out the vase of the shelf of Aka and put it in front of her letting her reflect herself on the water. She became a red dragon promptly. When Shounin told her to live in Mt. shichimen for ages to eliminate disasters occurred by water, fire, and wars, and to protect shichi-doo. She nodded deeply and returned to the pond in Mt. shichimen and dived in it deeply. She is a deity for shichi-nan-sokumetsu, shichi-fuku-sokujou" (seven calamities immediately vanish, seven happiness immediately come)
Shichinan means seven calamities are explained in Nioo Kyo, Yakushi Kyo, Kannongiryuu so on.
The seven calamities are 1)fire, 2)water,3)human-eating demons,4)swords and clubs 5)demons, 6) the calamity of chain and shackles (7) the calamity of bandits