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Shichi Fuku Jin [The Seven Fortune Gods]

Shichi Fuku Jin(the Seven Fortune Gods) are the seven deities giving happiness to people, who were selected from deities of India, China, and Japan. They are Ebisu Ten, Daikoku Ten Bishamon Ten, Benzai Ten, Fukuju, Juroujin, and Hotei, however, some say Kisshou Ten or Shoujyo should be one of them instead of Juroujin. The origin of the Shichi Fuku Jin(the Seven Fortune Gods) is the creation by Tenkaijigen Taishi, high priest of Tendai, and the conception is based on the concentrative spirit of Koubou Taishi, it was created by the harmonization of Buddhism and Shinto. Shichi Fuku Jin (the Seven Fortune Gods)were widely spread as people's belief, mainly in Kansai area at the end of Muromachi era. Generally they are worshipped as deities of Happiness, virtue and long life. It is thought they are from the one line of Niohannya Kyo,"shichi-nan-sokumetsu, shichi-fuku-sokujyo" (seven calamities immediately vanish, seven happiness immediately come) .