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Mamorihonzon [Protecting Deity for the Individual]

To decide the Protecting Deity for one person’s life and become a believer of it has been done among people since the ancient times. There are two ways of how to decide his or her Protecting Deity. One is to choose a manifestation of Buddha by the thirty secret Buddha, The other is to choose a manifestation giving spiritual feeling to you.
Generally, each of the Eight Buddhist Protectors such as Senju Kannon, Kokuu Bosatsu, Monju Bosatsu, Fugen Bosatsu, Seishi Bosatsu, Dainichi Nyorai, Fudou Myoo is linked to one of the 12 zodiac animals, such as mouse, cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, bird, dog and wild pig, and you can find your principal Buddha image according to the year you were born in.
That is, the principal Buddha image of a person who was born in the year of a mouse is Senju Kannon, the year of a cow or a tiger is Kokuu Bosatsu,a rabbit is Monju Bosatsu, dragon and a snake is Fugen Bosatsu, a horse is Seishi Bosatsu, a sheep and a monkey is Dainichi Nyorai, a bird is Fudou Myoo, and a dog and a wild pig is Amida Nyorai.
The twelve animals of Buddhism are linked to twelve signs, each is allocated by the three sutra which eight signs and eight bosatsu are linked to.

A good luck charm is wearing sutra or chant or a statue of Buddhist on you praying for being protected by various Buddhists or gods. The origin of  the Protecting deity for the individual is believed to be a piece of paper called gofu (protecting card) in stead of statues, in which Darani is drawn. Thirty of Buddhist are chosen out of various Buddhists and allocated to one month = 30 days. They are called the Thirty Secret Buddha, or Each Buddha of the Thirty Days'. One generation is to aim at prosperity of his or her own family, which seems to have been got influenced by believing a tutelary deity of a place.