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Founders & High Priests

Ippen Shounin

He is the founder of Jishu sect. He was born in 1239 in Iyo (present Ehime prefecture). His father is Michihiro Kouno. His childhood name was Shojumaru, his mother died when he was fifteen and he took the tonsure, changing his name to Zuien. Originally he started learning Tendai, later, he went to Dazaifu in Chikushi (present Fukuoka prefecture) to become a Buddhist saint and learn the initiation of Buddhsm invocation. He changed his name to Chishin. In 1263 the encounter with the death of his father led him to an ascetic life. In 1273 he enlightened the initiation of Buddhsm invocation at last. He started traveling around the country with Kanjinchou-nenbutsu-fuda. He had traveled around more than sixty prefectures in sixteen years. They say it is 251,724 people that signed his or her name on the Kanjinchou. He stayed in Kannon-dou in Kobe at his last moment and he died while he was chanting invocation during his Buddhism lecture as if he fell asleep. He died at fifty one.