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Founders & High Priests

Genjou Sanzou

Genjou Sanzou was from Luozhou in China (present Henan province). His family name was Chen, His father was Kei and Genjosanzo was the forth son. The second son became a priest, living in a Jodo temple. He had the chance to join lectures on the Nirvana sutra and Setsudaijouron, and mastered each of them, and decided to pursue Buddhism. The time was the end of Sui dynasty, and the societies were in disorder. He traveled around the country and trained hard. He had no superior as a man of wisdom and reason. He made up his mind to go to India at the age of twenty six and did not come back until seventeen years had passed. He translated the theory of sutra he had brought back from India while he was at Jionji-temple in Chang'an(present Xi'an). The story of Saiyuuki(Monkey Travel) was based upon his exploits. He entered nirvana at the age of sixty five.