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Founders & High Priests

En no Gyoja

Born in Yamato no Kuni (present Nara prefecture)in the era of the empror Jomei. He was wise in his childhood, pursued for classical books, through knowledge of the doctrine and mastered Sanpou(the law of Buddha, the laws, the priest). Later, he practiced ascetic training in Mt. Ikoma in Yamato (present Nara) and , in Mt. Kumano in Kii(present Wakayama prefecture), he climbed Mt. Katruragi and enshrined Kujaku Myoo and practiced ascetic training, which made him manifested. He was accused of entirely contrary to the fact, he was sent to Izu. He came back to Kyoto after being released and became a founder of Shugen-do(moutaineering ascetism). Later he was manifested in Buzen Kyushuu (present Ooita). He could not be traced then after. His servants are called Zenki, Goki. He was deigned the title of Shinpen Daibosatsu in 1799