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Confucius [Koushi]

Confucius(Koushi) was a scholar, thinker and the founder of Confucianism. His family name was Kong,his first name was Qui, his social name was Zhongni, his posthumous name was "the Lord of Culture Ultimate Sage and Great Accomplisher". He was born in Qufe in present southeastern Shandon. Living in the Spring and Autumn Period in China, he expanded his doctrines to the Chinese principles of the ideal emperors. He gave them the idea of benevolence, loyalty, courtesy, wisdom, and faith. The Analects his pupils compiled his words of Confucius in became the basic standard of Oriental morality. His school produced Mencius of the ethical doctrine that man's inborn nature is good, Hsun-tzu of the ethical doctrine that man's inborn nature is evil, so on. He is ranked one of the Four Greatest Saints in the world as well as Buddha, Socrates, and Christ.