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Sanmen Daikoku Ten

He is the manifestation of Daijizai Ten and of Ishana Ten. This ten is a deity giving wealth and virtue. On the contrary in Esoteric Buddhism, it is a deity for wars conquering evils . In anger appearance it has three faces and six arms, the skin color of each is black. He is wearing a blue snake as a bracelet, a skull as a necklace. His hair is a flame of fire and he has three eyes carrying the elephant skin on the back in his third hands both, taking a sword in the first hand, grasping it in his first left hand. He is also carrying the hair of Gaki in the second right hand and the both horns of sheep in the second left. Exoteric Buddhism is to embody Buddha's internal enlightenment. That is, the explanation by letters or charts etc. for people's sense to understand Buddha's mind