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Founders & High Priests

Zendou Taishi

Zendou became a priest following Meishou Houshi. He was given Gusokukai(disciplines of priests) by chanting Hoke and Yuima Kyo. He thought the reason depended on depended on the "Ki"(latent capacities of people) why there were various kinds of schools of Buddhism and he searched in the big storage with Myokairisshi where he got Kanmuryouju Kyo and sought for the path for enlightenment in it.
He heard that Doushaku Houshi was preaching the law of Jodo(the Pure Land), he went over Jinyang(present Taiyuan) to see him by the hard roads. He met Doushsaku Houshi and was given Kanmuryouju Kyo. He entered the stage of Samdhi(image of enlightenment) for seven days, finally attained enlightenment. He chanted sutra with his whole heart in the temple, preached the laws of Jodo(the Pure Land) to people outside. He cultivated ordinary people. He traveled and prayed for Buddha for more than thirty years while he copied one hundred thousand volumes of Amida Sutra and drew more than three hundreds pictures of Jodo. He also fixed pagodas or temples. He never changed his mantle, and he enjoyed giving all the pure money he got to people.
The number of the people was countless who attained enlightenment influenced by him. His virtue was spread every common society and his name was known all over the country. He entered Nirvana at the age of 69. Zendou gave out lights out of his mouth and from his voice while he was chanting sutra, so the emperor at that time bestowed the tablet for his temple which the name of Koumyouji(lightening temple)was written in. Later Zendou came to be called the priest of Koumyouji for that.