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Yakushi Nyorai

He is also called Yakushirurikou Nyorai(Master of Healing). He is the Buddha in Eastern Jyoruri World (Vaid�ryanirbh�sa). He achieved Buddahood, made and fulfilled 12 vows. He has been on of the most cherished Buddha because he saves all the ordinary people from their sickness and appeases them leading to the mind of enlightenment. He is thought to be the same as Ashuku Nyorai in Diamond World and Dainichi Nyorai in Womb World. Though many of his statues have a medicine jar in his left hand, the mudra of Semuiin (no fear) in his right hand, different styles are also seen. He is attended by Nikkou Bosatsu and Gekkou Bosatsu, which makes the three Buddha of Yakushi. The 12 Heavenly Generals are also worshipped as the attendants to him.