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Myoo & Douji

Kujaku Myoo

Kujaku Myoo was born at the time Buddhism was created. In India peacocks eat poisonous snakes, so Kujaku Myoo, whose name means Peacock King, became a god with the power to stop the effect of poisons. In one story about Kujaku Kyo, while a young priest, (then called Hikyu), he was cutting wood for ordinary people's bath. A poisonous snake came and bit him on the right big toe. The poison passed into his body and he fell over foaming at the mouth. At that time Anan, the tenth apprentice, went to Buddha and asked for treatment. He was given Daikujakuooju Kyo, which is why this Myoo's (myoo is a level of Buddhist deity ranked third below nyorai and bosatsu) original vow is to get rid of all kinds of poison from ordinary people. He has a bosatsu-figure with one face and four arms holding a lotus flower, two Buddha fruits and a peacock's feather. He is able to prevent disasters and to give rainfall.