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Founders & High Priests

Koubou Taishi

Koubou Taishi was born in Tadotsu-Byubugaura in Sanuki (present Zentsuji-city in Kagawa prefecture) Referred to after his death as Kukai, his pseudonym was Henjou Kongou. He went to Kyo (present Kyoto) at the age of eighteen. He mastered all general study and wrote three volumes of Sankyoshiki. He had his head shaved and got Samikai later he went to China in obedience to an Imperial command. He was thirty one at that time. He stayed in Changan, studied under Keika Ajari and was given the post of Denpou Daiajari. He progressed to the scriptures of esoteric Buddhism and Buddhist items. After he came back to Japan, he entered Kyoto, and was welcomed to join by Mt. Takao. He was requested to preach Buddhism for the good of the nation. He became the equerry to Otokuniji-temple as well as Todaiji-temple. And he was reigned the name of Koubou Taish. He wrote more than 150 chapters and 200 volumes of books about Buddhism such as "Sokushin Joubutsugi", ten volumes of "Juujuushinron".