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Founders & High Priests

Koukyo Taishi

Koukyo Taishi was the founder of the Shingi Shingon Shu sect of Buddhism (new Shingon Shu sect). He was born in Hizen(present Nagasaki).He was said to be Kakubanshoukakubou; and was descended from the Emperor Kanmu. Determined to become a Buddhist monk from early on in life, he was struck with the transience of life after his father death at the age of ten and left for Kyoto to become a priest in Ninnaji-temple there. Later he moved to Kaidanin in Todaiji-temple in Nara and was given Gusokukai (the complete rules to be a priest). Moreover he was taught by Myoujaku in Shuzenji-temple as well as Shoren and completed the one-thousand-day training in Chosokuin. He came back to Ninnaji-temple again at the age of twenty seven, built two famous temples (Daidenhouin and Mitsugoinin). At the consecration ceremony for these temples, the ex-Emperor Gotoba deigned to give him seven manors and a thousand pieces of placer gold. He retired in Mitugoinin temple and tried to overcome various evils and temptations and attain enlightenment eagerly. He wrote sutras there, in an effort to enhance new principals. He climbed Mt. Negoro and built Ichijosan Enmyoji-temple, spending his days training himself for concentration and imagination of Buddha. He was granted the name of Koukyou Daishi. He wrote a lot of books of Buddhism such as ten volumes of A"Mitsugonshohishsaku", four volumes of "Mitsugonikyo" so on.