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Kariteimo is called Kishibojin in Japanese. She was originally a wife of a demon and had 500 children. Her former self was evil and she went to Ousha-jo (Buddha’s palace) to kidnap infants to eat. Buddha hid one of her children to admonish her for this. He then dissuaded her against continuing with this habit by saying “Can you imagine how the parents feel whose children have been eaten by you?” She then took holy orders in Buddhism, swore an oath, and became a god of easy childbirth and protector of children. Kariteimo has the form of a celestial nymph (tennyo) and is holding a Kichijouka (pomegranate). The Nishiren shu sect worship Kishibojin as the god protecting the scriptures of Buddha (Lotsu Sutra), and depict her with joined palms and a fierce appearance.