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Myoo & Douji

Godai Rikiku Myoo [5 Great Powerful Myoo]

Godai Rikiku Myoo are the principal images of Buddha of Nioo Kyo. They consist of Kongou-shu Bosatsu in the east, Kongou-hou Bosatsu in the south, Kongou-ri Bosatsu in the west, Kongou-yasha Bosatsu in the north and Kongou-haramitsu Bosatsu in the center. They appear in wrath. It is written in Nioogokoku Hannyaharamita kyo gokokubon "Behold, I preach the law to protect your country for your salvation. Should great disorder affect all of your countries, various calamity would occur, and invaders would destroy your country. In that case should happen, you, all of the kings of Buddism, carry this Hannyaharamita with you and chant it." It means that when disorder occurs in countries, all of evils and tenjin would get in a lawless state at first, which would make all of the people disorderd; robbers or burglars would appear to destroy their agriculture or other industries, and disordering confrontation would happen among the leaders of the countries, which would cause various calamity all over the world. They would rule over the first disorder to prevent the world from being destroyed.