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Myoo & Douji

Fudou Myoo

The chief of the Five Great Myoo and the Eight Great Myoo. He appears in wrath; vanquishes all evil and renders virtue, making trainees decide to attain enlightenment. He has the power to make people attain enlightenment with the wisdom of Buddha. He was called Fudou(immobile) because he never moves in the perfect spiritual state of concentration in fire, vanquishing all kinds of sins. He appears in a child style; hanging down a pigtail of hair over his left shoulder with his left eye shut thin sitting on the rock. He also holds a sword of wisdom in his right hand, a rope in his left subduing earthly desires of ordinary people. There exists the iconography of Esoteric Buddhism in Giki(the book of secret ritual practice), however, many of them are created freely. He was attended by Kongara Douji and Seitaka Douji. Gurikara Fudou appears not in Myoo, but a dragon(Gurikara Myoo) coiling itself around the sword of wisdom thrusting on the rock and trying to swallow the sword from its top. There are two laws, one is Fudou-hou (immovable law) of expanding wealth, the other is Anchin-hou( peaceful law) of the nation's peace and security.