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Enma Ten

The king of the kingdom of the dead, headmaster of Oni (demon). It means baku, soyo, so-oo, byodou-oo, shadome, seisoku, so on. baku means to arrest criminals, sosei means to lead two of ascetic training, so-oo means that both of two brothers or sisters are the masters of the hell, Shadome means to stop the sin and prevent it from being bigger, Seisoku means to subdue various kinds of sins and ordinary man's evil desires and bring the purify to those sins. He was originally a tenjin in seiho(right world), however, he entered the kingdom of the dead as the first, and became the king of the black world, the hell. He gradually and finally he became a Enmadaioo to judge the sins of the dead. He is riding a buffalo carrying the flag with a man's head.