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Founders & High Priests

Dougen Zenshi

He came from a noble family. He lost his father at the age of three, and lost his mother at eight, so he was brought up by his brother. He was geniusly wise and read Abidarumakusharon, which got him to make a strong decision of seeking after truth. He climbed Mt. Hiei and entered Zen school of Eizai Zenshi and got the secret principal at the age of thirteen. Later he went to China and stayed to have training in Tendouzan-keitokuji temple(present Zhejiang) and went back to Japan. Since then, Zen temples have been built. He moved to Eiheiji temple in Echizen(present Fukui), continued his training. He had a great more value on practice than theory. He devoted himself to training his pupils. He entered Nirvana in 1253.