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Founders & High Priests

Denkyo Taishi

Denkyo Taishi was born in as a son of a ruler in Shiga area in Japan about 1160 years ago. His ancestor is the Emperor Xi'ao Xi'an of Later Han dynasty in Chin. His father, Hyakushi settled down in Shiga and was bestowed the name, Mitsu, after naturalized.
Taishi decided to start studying at the age of four, he mastered the secret principal of Buddhism, the science of divination, medical science, and technical art. He became a priest following Priest Gyohyo of Taianji-temple and named Saichou at the age of thirteen.
At the age of nineteen, Saichou entered Mt. Hiei and hid himself there to try to attain enlightenment through the true Buddhisim training because the priest lives in temples in Heijo kyo(present Nara) were vacant and apostasy. At the age of thirty one, he was invited to the Imperial Court.
He was ordered to go to China to pursue the laws, he went there with Kadonomaro Fujiwara, a Japanese envoy to China, Michimasu Ishikawa, a vice envoy, and Kuukai(Koubou Taishi). He climbed Mt. Tientai. He was given the secret principal of Tientai Buddhism by Tao-sui. He also mastered Zen and Esoteric Buddhism. He founded new Tientai sect(Tendai) after going back to Japan, he built practice places in Mt. Hiei for spiritual culture. He taught people of that time.
Also he became the founder of the new Buddhism raised in Kamakura era. Taishi officially wrote a tremendous number of books and sutras. He died in Chudouin in Mt. Hiei at the age of fifty six. He was deigned the title of Denkyo Taishi.