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Amida Nyorai

The principal Buddha of the Western Pure Land. Also called Muryouju(Buddha of Limitless life) and Muryoukou(Buddha of Limitless light). According to Daimuryouju Kyo(Great Large Sutra), he was originally from a royal family in India. He became a priest enlightened by Lokechvaraja Buddha. He changed his name to Dharmakara. He had had disciplines through the boundless time, which enabled him establish forty eight vows and become the principal Buddha in the Western Pure Land, Buddha of Limitless. He is said to be preaching still now. Amida Nyorai is attended by Kannon Bosatsu and Shisei Bosatsu which makes Amidasanson(Amida and two attendants). He has a lot of styles of mudra, such as mudra of nine grades, mudra of forty eight vows, mudra of lotus flower, and mudra of Amida