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Founders & High Priests

The 8 Founders of Shingon [Shingon Hasso]

Ryuju Bosatsu

He is also called Ryumo or Ryusho. He was born in Brahmin in South India in 600 or 700 years after Buddha died. He had been wise since he was little, which caused him to conceit himself and enter the palace with his friend with the conjury of hiding. His friend was captured and was killed but Ryuju was saved and became a priest. Later he studied under Tripitaka(Sanzou) never to get satisfied. He traveled North India or various places for quest for the doctrines of Mahayana. One day, while he was imaging sitting calmly, Dairyu Bosatsu(the great Dragon) appeared and he felt compassion for Ryuju who was going tofall into the evil path. Dairyu Bosatsu led Ryuju to the dragon palace and gave him the doctrines of Mahayana. He stayed in South India and tried to culture priests. He built a pagoda made of steel and he was given Kongouchou Kyo(Diamond Sutra). No body knows about his death. He is said to have had a long life and spread the laws of Mahayana Buddhism a lot. He is called the second Buddha, and admired as the founder of Hasso.

Ryuchi Bosatsu

He is the best pupil of Ryumo and spread the law in South India. He was traditionally said to have lived to be 700 years old, traveling various places. He went up to the heaven and attained enlightenment. It is said that he had the body which could go every world. He gave Kanjo (Buddhism baptism) to Kongou Chi.

Kongouchi Sanzou(671-741)

He was born as a prince of a king of Mid India. He liked studying in his childhood. He entered the Nalanda-temple at the age of seven with his father's permission. Ryuchi brought the doctrines to South India such as Kongouchou Kyo(Diamond Sutra)when he was thirty one, that let him know that Buddhism was popular in China. He went to China by sea and founded the base of the Esoteric Buddhism. He got sick in Kofukuji-temple on the way back to India after finishing translation of sutra. He entered Nirvana at the age of 72.

Zenmui Sanzou(637-735)

He was from the middle India, he was said to be a descendent of the Shakhya's. He abdicated the throne to his elder brother and entered Nalanda temple in Mid India at the age of thirteen. He was given the esoteric doctrine by Dharmagupta. there and went to China with him. In China he devoted into translating sutras and finished translating one volume of Kokuzou jimonji hou. He also translated Daibirushana Kyo with the mission, he made up the seven volumes of Daibirushana joubutsushin henkaji Kyo, which became Dainichi Kyo. He entered Nirvana at the age 79.

Fukuu Sanzou(705-774)

He is the sixth founder of the esoteric. He was a child of Brahmin in North India. He lost his father when he was little. He went to China with his aunt. He met Kongochi there and became one of his pupils. He mastered Esoteric Buddhism mainly. He went to south India carrying out Kongochi’s will. He was given the secret laws of Esoteric Buddhism. He contributed to the peace of the nation and tried to spread the belief of Monju Bosatsu or Esoteric Buddhism.
Fuhou is the tree of the priest names according to the lineage. There is also Denji that tells the founders who practically spread the laws and protected them. According to Fuhou Hasso, the first founder is Dainichi Nyorai, the second Kongou Bosatsu, the third Ryuju Bosatsu, the forth Ryuchi Bosatsu, the fifth Kongouchi Sanzo, the sixth Fukuu Sanzo, the seventh Keika, and the eighth Koubou Taishi. According to Denji, Zenmui and Ichigyou are added instead of the first founder Dainichi Nyorai and the second Kongou Bosatsu.


He was from present Shangton in China. He mastered study about calendar, implicitly and explicitly, and the five elements when he was little. He became a priest at the age of twenty. He climbed Kokuseiji-temple in Mt. Tientai and was given all the secret doctrines, he met Kongouchi Sanzou and learned Daranihiin from him. He translated Dairubishana Kyo with Zenmui.
He died when he was only forty five.


He was the seventh founder according to Shingon Fuhou. He was from present Louyang in Henan in China. He became a pupil of Fukuu Sanzou on his boyhood and he came to command miracle virtue about at the age of fourteen. He was given Great Laws of both Diamond and Womb world at the age of twenty and became Denpou Daiajari. Since then he was respected as the Most Reverend Priest. When Kuukai went to China, Keika gave Kanjyo (the Buddhism baptism) to him and let him bring back the doctrines. He died at the age of sixty.

Koubou Taishi

He was the eighth founder according to Shingon Fuhou.