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The 4 Heavenly Kings [Shi-Tennoo]

Shitennoo are the generals of Taishaku Ten and divines protecting Buddhist Law. Jikoku Ten in the east, Koumoku Ten in the west, Zouchou Ten in the south, and Tamon Ten in the north are placed.
Jikoku Ten is attended by Kendatuba and Rasetsu. He is one of the Sixteen Heavnly Deities Protecting Hannya. He is called Jikoku Ten because he protects not only the east but also three directions. Though he has various kinds of forms, appears in a god style carrying a sword in his left hand.
Koumoku Ten is attended by a dragon and Futanna. He is also one of the Sixteen Heavenly Deities protecting Hannya. He has a halberd in his left hand and a red rope in his right.
Zouchou Ten is attended by demons. He is also one of the Sxteen Heavenly Deities Protecting Hannyae. He is called Zouchou Ten because he stimulates virtue of himself and others(zouchou means to stimulate in Japanese). He ha a halberd in his right hand and with his left on his waist.
Tamon Ten is the same as Bishamon Ten. Another name is Konpira. He is one of the Juuni Ten(The Twelve Deva) . He always protects the exercise hall of Nyorai. He is called Tamon(listen a lot) because he listens to the law. He produces inexhaustible treasure with a spear in his right hand and provides ordinary people with it. This Ten is explained to be a couple with Kissho Ten, or the Tree Sacred Deities added by Daikoku Ten, and worshipped as the Three Daikoku Ten. He was attended by Yasha.